Labour Party

Labour leadership crisis shows failure of vision

uber staunch
May Day rally for Migrant/Refugee Rights (photograph by Aaron O’Neill).

Andrew Little’s late resignation from the Labour Party leadership shows a failure of political vision, says Migrant and Refugee Rights Campaign spokesperson Gayaal Iddamalgoda.

“Labour has attempted to drum up support through populist scapegoating,” says Gayaal, “But this tactic has not paid off in the polls.”

“The reality is that Winston Peters has monopolised the anti-migrant vote, nobody does it better than him.”

Gayaal highlights the results of an Ipsos poll which shows that a significant minority (over 40%) accurately view migrants as a net economic benefit. “Left parties should seek to represent New Zealanders who want genuine social-economic change, rather than lazy scapegoating.”

“Blaming migrants is both unprincipled and ineffectual.”

“We must tackle the real challenges including lack of investment in public infrastructure and rank profiteering. Anti-migrant scapegoating distracts from these issues.”

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