Anti-Fascism, USA

Migrant and Refugee Rights Campaign stands with Charlottesville anti-fascists


The Migrant and Refugee Rights Campaign stands in solidarity with those who opposed fascism in Charlottesville USA, and those grieving Heather Heyer, the counter-protester who was killed.

“The killing in Charlottesville is appalling,” says Gayaal Iddamalgoda, spokesperson for the campaign. “We stand with those fighting fascism, in the USA and elsewhere.”

“Thankfully, the Neo-Nazi movement in New Zealand is marginal. However, we must be on guard in an international situation where racist populism is surging.”

“Xenophobic scapegoating has an unfortunate foothold in New Zealand electoral politics, and we oppose all attempts to blame social minorities for political and economic problems. Mainstream racism plants the seeds that fascism grows from, as we are seeing in the UK and USA.”